Determinants of breast size in Asian women

Mammographic percent density, the proportion of fibroglandular tissue in the breast, is a strong risk factor for breast cancer, but its determinants in young women are unknown. We examined associations of magnetic resonance imaging MRI breast-tissue composition at age 21 years with prospectively collected measurements of body size and composition from birth to early adulthood and markers of puberty all standardized in a sample of nulliparous women from a prebirth cohort of children born in Avon, United Kingdom, in — and followed up to — Linear models were fitted to estimate relative change in MRI percent water, which is equivalent to mammographic percent density, associated with a 1—standard-deviation increase in the exposure of interest. Ages at thelarche and menarche were positively associated with MRI percent water, but these associations did not persist upon adjustment for height and weight growth. These findings support the hypothesis that growth trajectories influence breast-tissue composition in young women, whereas puberty plays no independent role. Childhood and adolescent growth patterns are hypothesized to be associated with levels of sex and growth hormones, with these potentially affecting breast development and, hence, subsequent breast cancer risk 4. Thus, a possible mechanism through which early-life body size and maturation may influence breast cancer risk is breast-tissue composition. Several studies have suggested possible associations between mammographic percent density in late adulthood and early-life growth, body fatness, and pubertal development 6 — 8. However, few have investigated the influence of body growth trajectories from birth to young adulthood on breast-tissue composition on the basis of prospectively collected life-course data.


Puberty is the stage of adolescence when your child starts to develop physically into an adult. During puberty, a girl’s breasts begin to grow. As the breasts develop, problems like lumps or infections sometimes occur. These problems can be alarming. But they are common and rarely serious.

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The WestminsterResearch online digital archive at the University of A limitation of the studies on breast size dissatisfaction to date has been the multiple.

Evolution and Human Behavior , 38 2 , pp. Abstract The morphology of human female breasts typical for their permanent fat deposits appears to be unique among primates. It has been previously suggested that female breast morphology arose as a result of sexual selection. This is supported by evidence showing that women with larger breasts tend to have higher estrogen levels; breast size may therefore serve as an indicator of potential fertility.

However, breasts become less firm with age and parity, and breast shape could thus also serve as a marker of residual fertility. Therefore, cross-culturally, males are hypothesized to prefer breast morphology that indicates both high potential and residual fertility. As stimuli, we used two sets of images varying in breast size marker of potential fertility and level of breast firmness marker of residual fertility.

Stereotypical and Actual Associations of Breast Size with Mating-Relevant Traits

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Breast size varies substantially among women and influences perception The online version of this article (/sz) contains The date for saliva collection was assigned by the formula: the day of last.

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Breasts can be confusing. There are those women who gained two whole cup sizes overnight the minute they hit puberty. There are others who only experience weight loss in that area. Why is that? Ross , MD, a women’s health expert and author of She-ology.

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Bras are designed for a variety of purposes, including enhancing a woman’s breast size, creating cleavage , or for other aesthetic or practical considerations. Swimsuits , camisoles , and backless dresses may have built-in breast support with supportive bra cups. Nursing bras are designed to facilitate breastfeeding. Some women have a medical and surgical need for brassieres, but most women wear them for fashion or cultural reasons. There is no evidence that bras prevent breasts from sagging and one study even suggests the opposite weakening of the breasts supportive tissue [1] , with the exception of wearing them during sports exercices.

Bras have gained importance beyond their mere functionality as a garment.

Women’s Bras

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Breast size varies substantially among women and influences perception of the woman by other people with regard to her attractiveness and other characteristics that are important in social contexts, including mating. Few studies, however, have examined whether breast size really signals biological quality or its components and whether observers accurately interpret these signals. Our first study encompassed young women and aimed to establish actual correlates of breast size. The aim of the second study was to determine preferences and stereotypes related to breast size: — women and men evaluated female digital figures varying in, among other characteristics, breast size.

Breast size breast circumference minus chest circumference was negatively associated with body asymmetry and positively associated with infections of the respiratory system, but did not correlate with infections of the digestive system, openness to casual sex, and testosterone and estradiol level. Women and men perceived breasts in a similar way to each other: the bigger the breasts the higher the reproductive efficiency, lactational efficiency, sexual desire, and promiscuity attributed to the woman.

Nevertheless, large breasts were not regarded more attractive than average ones, though small breasts were the least attractive. In addition, big-breasted women were perceived as less faithful and less intelligent than women with average or small breasts. We discuss our results from the perspectives of evolutionary psychology, perceptual biases, and social stereotypes. The online version of this article Taken together, these properties suggest that the evolution of breast size has, at least to some extent, been driven by sexual selection.

The preference for the breast size signaling the highest mate value would enhance male reproductive success via partner choice. In addition, breast size would evolve toward the value most preferred by men given that this specific breast size makes a woman more attractive to men and competitive in the mating market. However, such evolution may be hampered by other factors, e.

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Aging is definitely a process. A process that we can try to gracefully slow down by leading a healthy and active lifestyle. But no matter how much we try, certain body parts are simply prone to weaken over time. Our breasts fall in this category. Our skin loses collagen and elasticity through the years, and the ligaments that support the breasts weaken.

Or perhaps the size or shape of your breast has changed. Your nipple may be pointing or My last mammogram was on this date: Web site: Chat online.

And, this support can come from your favourite bunch of people, a fat cheque, or even a good set of bra. But, if chosen wrong, brassieres can be everything they swore to destroy in the first place. You need to be very particular about a few things, such as the size of the brassiere, the material it is made from, the type of straps used, and even the mode of fastening, among other things.

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A bra can either be a godsend or the bane of our existence depending on how fashionable and functional it is. Love working out at the gym? A sports bra will ensure you can do so without fretting about inadequate support. Are you wearing an off-shoulder dress on a date? A padded, strapless bra is your best bet.

This study analyzed women’s and men’s views about breast size and shape among 52, heterosexual adults, ages 18–65, who responded to an online.

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