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Establishes that an amorous relationship between two individuals constitutes a conflict of interest when one of the individuals has direct evaluative authority over the other, and requires that the direct evaluative authority be eliminated. Definitions will sometimes develop between members of the University community, whether faculty members, students Student Any individual who applies to, is accepted for admission, and enrolls for a course at the University of Colorado. This does not include an individual who has never attended or never enrolled at the institution. This policy requires that direct evaluative authority not be exercised in cases where amorous relationships exist or existed within the last seven years between two individuals, whether of the same or opposite sex. Problems often arise with amorous relationships in situations where one party is the supervisor Supervisor See Section II. Definitions and the other the supervisee.


Highlighted below are two university policies addressing personal relationships in the workplace:. While consensual amorous relationships may seem harmless, they can create a conflict in the workplace by adversely affecting decisions, distorting judgment, and undermining workplace morale for all employees. This is particularly true when the relationship is one of unequal power i. For this reason, employees in a supervisory position are prohibited from pursuing or engaging in an amorous relationship with anyone whom they supervise.

Romantic partners, including spouses, will be separated for purposes of evaluation and direct supervision. Similarly, employees are prohibited from pursuing or engaging in an amorous relationship with any undergraduate student.

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Policy Contact: Director of Human Resources hr mines. Mines considers there to be three categories of Amorous Relationships: a those not subject to this policy; b those that are permitted with appropriate disclosure and conflict of interest monitoring; and c those that are prohibited. Employees may not retaliate against an individual for making a report under this policy or participating in an investigation regarding allegations that fall within the policy.

All employees must disclose an amorous relationship with another Mines community member that does not have a current conflict of interest or power differential, but could reasonably result in either at some point in the future. Any Employee who is aware of a prohibited Amorous Relationship must report the existence of a prohibited relationship to Human Resources. In cases where a Student Employee has engaged in an Amorous Relationship that may have violated this policy, the matter will be referred to the Dean of Students for adjudication.

Reports of retaliation will be reviewed and investigated in the same manner in which other allegations of misconduct are handled. Amorous Relationship means a romantic, dating, or sexual relationship. This definition excludes marital or civil union relationships. Employee means any person employed by Mines, appointed by Mines, or assigned to Mines, including non-remunerated appointees and student employees.

Instructor means any person who performs any teaching, instruction, or coaching duties at Mines, including academic faculty members, instructional staff, athletic coaches, non-remunerative appointees and graduate Students with teaching or tutorial responsibilities. Person in a Position of Trust means any person employed by Mines who has significant influence or responsibility over a Student or another Employee, including, but not limited to, their health, welfare, education, employment, or supervisory or advisory responsibilities.

Some Student Employees, by virtue of their position, are also considered a Person in a Position of Trust, including, but not limited to: Residence Life Student Staff, Peer Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants who supervise other Students, and any other Student Employee who meets the definition of having influence or responsibility over another Student.


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o Graduate and teaching assistants are prohibited from dating any undergraduate student who they supervise, or may have impact to the.

Download PDF. Students should be free to develop relationships that supplement formal classroom instruction, and employees should be free to develop friendships and engage in social contact with supervisors and fellow employees. In most cases, social interaction among supervisors and employees, between fellow employees, and among faculty and staff members and students will benefit the entire academic community by promoting the interchange of ideas, building mutual trust and respect, facilitating communication, and reducing misunderstandings.

More below. Policy Statement: However, when a person in a position of power and authority abuses or appears to abuse that position, mutual trust and respect are lost and the academic environment suffers. Buffalo State College faculty, staff members, and supervisors exercise power and authority over Buffalo State College students and employees over whom they have current or potential evaluative, supervisory, instructional, or other professional responsibility.

This inherent power imbalance makes consent within any sexual or amorous relationship between a supervisor and employee or between a faculty or staff member and student suspect, and may impede the real or perceived freedom of the student or employee to thereafter terminate or otherwise alter the relationship. The relationship may create real or apparent impropriety, loss of objectivity, and a conflict of interest in any evaluative, supervisory, instructional, or other professional role which the faculty or staff member may have, or may develop in relation to the student or employee, and may expose the individual faculty or staff member, as well as Buffalo State College, to possible legal charges and liability.

Therefore, to avoid the breakdown of mutual trust and respect, which may result within the academic community from such sexual or amorous relationships,. Applicability, Responsibility: Commencement, upon either person’s initiative, of a sexual or amorous relationship between a Buffalo State College faculty or staff member and a student with respect to whom such faculty or staff member has current professional responsibility shall be prohibited.

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This policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 21, The University has a duty to provide for the student those privileges, opportunities, and protections which best promote the learning process in all its aspects. The relationship between an instructor [2] and a student plays an important role in accomplishing this mission.

Certain responsibilities bestowed upon instructors have long been codified in the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities policy:. The teacher has the responsibility to encourage the pursuit of learning by students by manifesting the best academic standards of the discipline or profession. To accord students respect as individuals, the teacher shall seek to establish a relationship of mutual trust and to establish an appropriate role as an intellectual guide, counselor and mentor, both in and out of the classroom.

The relationship between instructor and student as individuals should be founded on mutual respect, trust and understanding, together with shared dedication to the educational process. Instructors carry a responsibility to students, colleagues, the scholarly community, and the public to perform their duties in a professional, respectful, and collegial manner [4] , and must do so with a commitment to honoring the highest ethical standards.

They are regarded as guardians of the University, charged with preserving in it the privilege of teaching students which society has entrusted to their care. The University is committed to creating a safe learning environment free of conflicts of interest in achieving its educational mission. It is therefore recognized by Michigan State University that consensual amorous and sexual relationships between instructors and students are counterintuitive to these rights and responsibilities, to the environment desired, and in upholding the mission of the University.

Such personal relations undermine the integrity of the instructor and student relationship. There is an inherent power differential between instructors and students making consensual amorous and sexual relationships between instructors and students fundamentally unequal. These relationships may or may not involve physical contact, and can include digital relationships via text, social media, etc.

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Effective Date: University Policy Statement. California State University, Fullerton. UPS POLICY ON AMOROUS OR SEXUAL. RELATIONSHIPS​.

No No book No surprises. Coming Fall Get details. The College expects its employees — faculty, staff and others — to adhere to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct and to operate above reproach while performing their duties for the College. Employees have the opportunity to help create a positive educational environment that is built, in part, on trust, mutual respect and ethical behavior. All employees must avoid the appearance, perception and actuality of abuses of power and conflicts of interest when interacting with students, including those that could be associated with amorous relationships.

This policy sets forth the expectations for amorous relationships between employees and students and between employees.

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